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Vote For Monarchy is a non-profit project by Three Seeds Collective, a non-profit organization started by plant-loving friends. Ross and Mary have been friends since their undergrad days at UC Santa Cruz, and Josh, Mary's husband, has always been a plant nerd at heart.  The three would love to contribute to the return of the Monarch Butterfly to the Pacific Northwest, and they figured the best way was free/inexpensive access to typically very expensive seeds and plants that the Monarchs need.

Mary is an artist by day, and all artwork and designs are of her making in her free time. She has found the campaign the perfect bridge between her childhood declaration of being an environmentalist, and her adult technical skills in the arts and science illustration, and hope her work will bring appeal and awareness to the Monarch's plight. You can view more of her work here: Birdzilla Studios

We have a facebook page!
If you have photos of your plants, please use #voteformonarchy and share!

We can be reached by snail mail here. If you are sending a SASE, please indicate species preference, growing conditions, and quantity:

Monarch Mail
PO Box 2304
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Do you have a question  about milkweed seeds to plant in the fall, or about anything Monarch related? 

Please contact us with this form, or at monarchseed at gmail dot com. Thank you!

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