Monarch Mail

Q: What is Monarch Mail?

A: Monarch Mail is our nearly free method of distributing seeds to those looking to grow plants of their own. In the Fall, those who are interested can mail us a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope - for the younger folks, that means a stamped enveloped addressed to yourself, that is mailed within a stamped envelope address to us ! We mail back your envelope with seeds appropriate for your planting space with instructions.

We call this our 'Seed It Forward' program. We hope that in the future when people's milkweed start producing seed of their own, they can be sent back to us for us to mail to others, or those people can share the seed on their own with friends and family!

Milkweed seeds are typically quite pricey from online seed sources, and many of the time (in our experience) the seeds are harvested far too prematurely and have low germination rates for the cost. This is a fantastic way to get viable seed! Currently seed are sourced from eastern Washington where large populations of Asclepias speciosa and fascularis still exist. We hope to one day be able to distribute Willamette sourced seed.

If you are interested in receiving seeds in the Fall, please send us a SASE with milkweed species preference and quantity to:

Monarch Mail
PO Box 2304
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Our mailbox gets a little full in the Fall.. :)

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