Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Taking a little break...

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Happy 2020 everyone ! We started Vote for Monarchy exactly 4 years ago, during the last election cycle if you can believe it. We saw that that milkweed seeds were costly, and plants scarce, and wanted to provide resources for those who wanted to do a tiny part in the great scheme of things to help the Monarch butterflies. Over the years we have seen plants become more available and have shared hundreds of thousands of seeds and sold and given away thousands of plants. The Monarchs and pollinators thank you for that!

We wanted to thank everyone for their efforts, and to mention that we will be taking a hiatus from all things Monarch for this year while we think about how we'd like to move forward in the future. If you have large property acreage or teach at a school, we would be interested in discussing large plantings/educational plantings ! Our ultimate goal is to repopulate much of the Willamette valley with native milkweed (especially along the 5 freeway corridor), so if you have any connections or ideas on accomplishing this we'd love to connect. So on that note we must mention that we will not be doing any plant shows this year, but if you are local to Hillsboro, OR we can possibly arrange private milkweed sales.

Say hello also to our darling new rainbow baby Phoebe, who is another big reason for us taking a little break! We'll be puttering around the yard with her this year and many years to come. We hope she'll love gardening as much as we do.

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